Travelling abroad

Travelling abroad

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Have you ever been abroad? What was it like?

What different purposes of travelling can you mention?
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going on holiday, learning about other cultures, visiting relatives or friends, looking for a job, studying, setting up a business etc.

What types of travels can you distinguish?
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package holiday, weekend break, group tour, caravan / RV trip, volunteer travel, gap year, event travel, business travel

What are the popular destinations of different nations?

How do you like to travel?

What are the advantages of a package tour?
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arranged by the travel agency, tour guide, professional sightseeing tours, tested itineraries and activities, inclusive accommodation, making new friends

What are the advantages of an independent travel?
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cheaper, total immersion, freedom, spontaneity,

What do you think of camping holidays?
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freedom, cheap, nature, BBQ, not tied to technology, sleeping in a tent, bugs everywhere, darkness …

What is travelling on board of a ship like?

What are the pros and cons of flying?

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