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Where do you do your daily shopping?

What are the different methods of paying?

How do adverts help the customers?

What is a shopping spree?
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to buy a lot of things in an extravagant way

Who is a shopaholic?
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someone who is addicted to shopping, compulsive shopping

How can corner shops survive?
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personal, friendly atmosphere, quality products, discounts, proximity

What other facilities does the shopping mall offer?

Why are the shopping malls great examples of globalization?

What is window-shopping?

Who is a retailer? Who is a wholesaler?
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A retailer is a company that buys products form a manufacturer or wholesaler and sells them to customers.

What benefits do malls have over small shops?

Do you prefer self service or counter service?

Why is making a shopping list a good idea?

What is shopping online?

Why is door to door delivery so popular?

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