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How can you classify newspapers?
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daily, weekly, monthly, national, regional, broadsheet, tabloid

What magazines have you heard of?

What articles or sections can you find in a newspaper?
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local news, national news, international news, sport, classified ads, gossips, crosswords, horoscopes, obituaries, weddings, births ….

Why do people still read newspapers in the 21st century?
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they like the smell of it, they are tired of watching the screen, it doesn't need electric power, you can drop it,

How can newspapers influence people?
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larges headlines or pictures can draw attention, they are displayed everywhere, they say the same ….

How effective is each medium in communicating ideas?
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facebook, TV, internet, newspaper, radio

How do people regard the media in your country?

Why are gossips so popular?
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people don't feel good if they don't have enough information, they escape from their problems by focusing on other people's problem,

Where do you learn about news?

What news sites do you follow?

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