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What types of family can you distinguish?
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nuclear family, extended family, single parent family, blended family, dysfunctional family, childless family

In what ways can we make family ties stronger?

What makes a good parent?

What is the traditional family model like?

Why is it hard to keep the family together?

What is generation gap?
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Differences between generations that can cause conflicts.

What conflicts can arise between generations?
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Using the cell phone all the time, staying up late, moral values, work ethic, lack of respect, different taste in music etc.

What motivates people to live together?
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Love, starting a family, moving away from parents, financial reasons etc.

What are the advantages of living together with the grandparents?

What is considered to be a good / bad behaviour?

Who is responsible for a child's inappropriate behaviour?

Which parenting style do you favour?
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Democratic, permissive or strict parents?

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